Nathan DiNiro

CEO, Blockchain, and Servant in Portland, Oregon

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Nate is an entrepreneur, founder, and advisor for organizations and artists embracing technologies like AI and blockchain in their offerings to customers & fans. With decades of tech, comms and media experience, and founding early projects in the blockchain space nearly a decade wallet, and self-sovereign data space, Nate helps his clients make good choices.

Nate advises VR/AR companies on innovation and technology in service the e-commerce and NFT space, he helps to operate an award-winning cybersecurity firm that serves entertainment & VIP clientele, a blockchain-based supply chain provenance firm, and serves as an advisor having co-founded; an early pioneer of blockchain in custodial blockchain wallets.

Nate is based in Portland, Oregon, with personal and professional interests in blockchain, NFTs, self-sovereign cybersecurity and OSINT, healthcare IT, open-source software, and digital identity.

You can click the button above to schedule an appointment. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below. Text me at +1 ‪(503) 446-4391‬

  • Work
    • Blockchain & Cybersecurity
  • Education
    • 36 Years of Experience
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